The idea behind Beaux design

Beaux, is the French word for beautiful. I have started this blog (finally) as a record of all the quick, easy and beautiful ideas mums (and others) can use to inspire their creative side and primarily doing it ON A SHOE STRING OF A BUDGET….

I’m so tired of flicking through these designer magazines and seeing parties, cooking & entertaining, home decorating, art etc etc and it’s soooo expensive to reproduce. The ingredients in some recipes cost ‘an arm and a leg!’ Or doing a stylish kids party can be up in the $1000s ……

So after being a full time designer in the textile indusrtry for 11 years and a stay at home mum (on a very limited budget) for 7 years, I’m finally recording the mix of ‘having the look, without the price tag!’

This blog is dedicated to arts, crafts, entertaining, recipes, interior decorating ideas and tips, kids party ideas and clever ideas to make where you live and what you do look swish.

Almost every piece of my furniture is from an op shop or council clean up/road side throw outs. My kids and my clothing are nearly all ‘hand me downs’, from clothes swap parties or op shops and my grocery bill is very small (compared to most people I know).

But just because there is a small bit of pocket money does not mean – no swish kids parties, no entertaining and no original art on the walls or designer labels. It’s knowing what to do with what you have! It’s knowing where to look for what you want in your home and innovative ways to accessorise it all together.

That’s what this blog is all about – making it look good on the cheap (and taste good without spending a fortune).

It can be done. You too can do it. Enjoy the journey.

My motto in life is – “bloom where you are planted!” So at least get inspired to paint the pot you’re in!

X Jo Stanes

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  1. Yay Jo! Can't wait to read about your ideas on here over the coming months.

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