Storing kids art work


If you have the same problem as I have with hundreds of lovely art works coming home from kindy and Pre school and only want to keep the best to remember – but not have a giant folder ( or three)
Why not make a photo book – a coffee table book printed with their art work inside.
This is also a great keepsake , lovely gift for grandparents and makes the kids feel very important as their work is ” published”.
You can get the kids to answer some great questions like : what is my favourite pet, super hero , holiday etc etc and get them to draw/ paint it and add text , dates and ages etc.
I’ve found Snap fish to be a good online site and kmart too. Books cost around $30 for 20 pages.
I run regular art classes and last year a friend and I ran a 7 week course getting kids (age 5-12)to illustrate their own books.
The work was amazing and the parents were stoked.
But I have also been saving my daughters best art works too.
These are going into their own photo books.
Collage of paper and fabrics is great , cos this all provides great texture to the work and is ideal for little ones who need help.
Eg: using fruit fabric bellow- kids cut out pieces of their fav friut and drew a fruit bowl. Stuck fruit fabric on with glue.
Musical instruments and other things were drawn on photocopied sheet music- another
Great and effective idea that looks stunning white washed and printed. But more about that in another blog.
It’s after midnight. I’m off to bed.
Capture your kids art before they grow up – after teaching art classes to kids for over ten years now -from my experience – they do their best work while they are under ten yrs old.
X jo


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