Wine as a gift

At the end of last year I needed to buy about 20 ladies a gift to say thanks for attending my evening art classes I run. As you know – buying 20 gifts can be a rather pricey excersise.
I decided to go and buy clean skins (wine with no fancy labels)
And make swing tags and labels myself.
This blog is dedicated to doing things on a shoe string budget.
So I found a wine shop that had decent wine for $33 per dozen. ( under $3 per bottle)
I got scraps of old wall papers and a piece of gold cardboard and a roll of curling ribbon.
I traced around a glass to get circle shape and punched hole in the top to attatch with ribbon to the bottle. I wrote a little personal thank you note on the back of each circle swing tag.
I stuck a rectangle ” label” on each wine bottle.
I have found 3m spray glue to be the best glue to use for all crafts in genral. But of course any craft glue will work.
Glue stick may not be strong enough to attach to glass, depending on how think your paperlabel is.
I presented each bottle in a nice paper bag with handles. These I got in bulk for 87c each.
So all in all, each gift cost approx$3.50
I suggest you “try before you buy” the wine.
White is often better than a cheap red. Served chilled can taste better and ” cover a multitude of sins” as the old addadge goes. You can’t cover up a bad red !!
For those living in Sydney- the wine shop is – “Time and Tide” in cromer on the northern beaches. The clean skin brand is called Vintage collection and I bought the Chardonnay.
We’ve found it to be a really nice full bodied, dry white wine.
It’s a BEAUXtiful thing finding a bragain.

X jo


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  1. >Absolutely love this idea Jo, can see myself doing that next Xmas for sure!!!

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