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Indian ink blowing

Beaux-Princess ( ideas for little girls rooms)

This is a blossom tree my 6 yr old did for her bedroom wall.
I love the whole theme of little paper lanterns ( available from Typo) or fairy lights and polka dot wall paper or curtains or linen. And the Japanese blossom trees in vintage colours makes a great look.
Even the old Japanese umbrellas/ parasols ( available from paddys market or alot of $2 shops) looks good if you paint over them in muted colours to match the blossom painting tones.
My sister and I recently saw this done in an old fashioned tea shop. The umbrellas were hung upside down from the ceiling and had polka dots hand painted over them. ( duck egg blue with accent sorbet tones is good)
Looks lovely in a little girls room.

To do the ink blowing you need:

-Paint-brushes and hair dryer
– a blank canvas ( any size)
– a bottle of black or sepia Indian ink
– a clean drinking straw ( cut in half)
-acrylic paint ( we used pink and white mixed roughly)
– stickers and transfers are optional extra embelishments
( they rub on with a ball point pen. Available at scrapbooking isle in stores like spotlight, big w etc)

Once the back ground colour is painted on and dried;
Place a blob ( about size of 5c) of Indian ink down the bottom surface of canvas with the dropper. ( where you want the tree to start from. The base/trunk)

Tip: buy the Dr martins Bombay ink ($5 ) as it has a dropper and makes it much easier to regulate how much ink you squirt onto canvas. Other brands don’t come with dropper.

Place the shortened straw in your mouth and blow the ink up the
Canvas allowing the “tree to grow”
Kids love to do this very easy and effective painting technique.
Once tree is dry, lightly sponge on some white blossoms .
Then put transfers and stickers at the end when all is bone dry.

It also looks Stunning hung on a painted feature wall in the little girls room!
One of my students did 3 huge ( 1and half m canvases) with this technique.
Looks gorgeous. ( provided you have the wall space of course).


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Boys rooms

Beaux & Arrow ( an idea for boys)

Boys names for their rooms:

I taught this class last wed and I was impressed at how well my student Claire did her boys names.
Bar code stripes are a great and effective way to do a canvas for a boys room. Choose nice “boyish ” blues and reds and use masking tape strips to create lines / bar code stripes.

Paint each stripe and mask off the rest. Remember to leave white stripes of the surface of the canvas between colour.( NB: the thicker the paint the better and always dry with hair dryer before doing next colour.)

I bought some wooden letters and painted them red and stuck them onto the canvas with wood glue.

I gave this as a gift for a boys room. You could use individual small canvases for each letter or do the name all on one.
( see past blogs about transfering names onto canvas)

Stripes is a great and effective way of doing up a boys room. How about black and white striped curtains OR wall paper.

I used the past blog idea of planets and stars to do the above one.

You can buy white carbon paper from any art shop for $1 to transfer a name or any writting onto a dark surface. Or black carbon paper for a light surface.

Plain bar code striped paintings are also a great idea for a boys room.

Never underestimate what you can do with a mere roll of masking tape, some paint and canvases ($2 shop often has great canvases).

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Kids place mats

Beaux-quet ( art and craft idea)

Kids art place mats:

This is a quick and easy idea. Once again- cheap as chips and very effective. Great to use as a gift too.

Simply take your kids best art works from school or Pre school ( or home).
Laminate them to make place mats.
Smaller ones ( square or circle shape) for coasters.
I bought my laminator from office works for $29. I have used it alot and it’s been well worth the outlay.
Places like office works or any photocopy place will also laminate art work for you for only a dollar or two if you don’t own a laminator.
A set of personal placemats for grandparents is a lovely gift from the grandchildren.

Place the set of placemats and coasters with a ribbon around; in a gift box $3 from any variety store. A lovely gift.

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Amazing scones

Beaux- tie ( a recipe)

I am amazed That this recipe really works. But once again: it’s fool proof. Really , really easy and very cost effective.
This is the best and easiest scone recipe I have ever found.
None of the ” rubbing flour and butter together and awful kneading till your hands hurt”.
Who can be bothered with that any way???!!!

Here is the secret recipe.

1 can lemonade (375ml)
1 pot fresh cream ( 300ml )
4 1/2 cups self raising flour.


Oh my gosh. Can you believe that is all it takes to make light , fluffy scones that are so tasty.

Pre heat oven at 190 degrees.
Put all the above 3 ingredients in a big mixing bowl.
Mix together and make into a large ball of dough.
Sprinkle flour on your bench top to stop dough from sticking to the counter surface.
Place large ball of dough on floured surface and flatten into a large flat circle about 1 inch thick.
Don’t make it too thin or scones will harden and burn.
Cut circle shapes out with an up side down wine glass or play dough cutter.
Great idea to get the kiddies involved and get them to use all sorts of shapes ( hearts, stars etc) if you have cookie cutters or clean play dough cutters.
Fanta or raspberry fizzy drinks can be used instead of sprite / lemonade. This will make orange or pink scones. ( which the kids love!!! )
Place cut out scone shapes on grease proof paper / pizza tray.
Cook until golden brown. About ten mins.
Tip: Once cooked- place a clean tea towel over the hot scones. This prevents them from drying out.
Serve warm with butter, jam and lashings of fresh cream.
The cost of these scones is under $5 to make and they are so yummmmy.

My little girls made me these scones ( with daddys help) on mothers day breakfast. Photo above.
They bought me these two great old fashioned cake stands from the local opp shop. ( $8 &$10).that was my mothers day pressie. How fantastic. !!

They served the scones and coffee up for me in the sunshine- with hand picked flowers. So gorgeous. So tasty. So cheap.
Why not do a Devonshire tea for your girl friends.

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Girls high tea

Beaux- princess ( girls party idea)

I snapped this pix quickly while a the mall the other day. Hopefully you can enlarge it and get the idea I’m thinking of.

Basically – a little girls high tea is a fab party idea.
This last week my 7 yr old daughter went to her first high tea.

This pix looks like it’s taken in the 1930″s.
What a lovely party it was. All credit to my friend Lisa who pulled it off successfully for her 7 yr old daughter and sevral little friends.

And amidst all the delightful little tea cups,tea pots and tartlets: a picture of the recent royal wedding of princess Kate and prince william featured on the high tea table. Gotta LOVE that idea. The little girls thought it was great.
They all dressed up in “royal ball gowns” for the party event.
They drank real tea with tiny tea cups and baby fingers in the air.
And to top it all – happy birthday was played by Lisa on the flute for the birthday girl, accompanied by brother on the grand white piano.
What a splendid party.

Of course- this can also be done as a very inexpensive party idea.
I worked out that the cup cakes ( see previous blog) cost about $3.60 per dozen to make.
Mini quiches are also very cheap. ( see previous blog under beaux-tie catogory- recipies)
Next blog is a Devonshire tea- the best and most ecconomical scone recipe.
Balloons and ribbons and ” brown paper packages tied up with strings…. These are a few of my favourite things. ” ( sound of music. ) – these can be the party bags.
Don’t forget paper plates etc. See Christmas with paper plates- previous blog. ( beaux -tie)
You can do a beautiful little girls high tea for under $50.
Buy lemonade (69c per L at aldi)
Pop a few drops of pink food coloring in the lemonade. ( old fashioned high tea look ).
Pink jelly in little disposable champagne flutes- very cheap too. Decorate edge of flutes with sugar and even a mini paper umbrella.
Done- a gorgeous high tea.
Have a splendid time.

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Fool proof cup cakes

Beaux – tie ( a recipe)

Today we made cup cakes for Sunday afternoon tea.
This is a foolproof recipe. It never goes wrong. And none of this ” separate the eggs or cream the butter and the sugar” hard stuff. This is easy!!!

Cup cakes

2 cups self raising flour
1 cup sugar
1 cup milk
1/2 cup oil
2 eggs

Place all in a big mixing bowl in any order. Mix together by hand or electric beater.
Put in muffin tray
Bake at 180 for 15-20 mins. ( until golden brown.

Iwhen cooked and cooled – ice with lillies and icing or nutella.
Great for parties.

Healthy options;

Leave off icing
Put fresh blue berries or grated carrot and grated apple and cinnamon in. Good for breakfasts or school lunch boxes.

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Out of space art

Rain- Beaux ( an art idea for kids)

Kids love out of space and planets and stars.
Yesterday I taught this art class to 14 students.
Great results.
On a canvas looks good so that they can hang it up in their rooms.
$2 shop canvas is fine.
First – paint the entire canvas navy blue or black and dry with hair dryer

Especially for little kids – use the inside of roll of masking tape to help them paint in the circle shape onto the surface of the canvas.
I bought a $2 pot of white house paint from Bunnings. This can often be found in the miss- tints section of the paint department.
While I was at Bunnings , I also bought some wooden star shapes ($1 ea) and a can of white spray paint.

These stars can be painted and stuck onto the canvas with wood glue or dipped into white paint ( thin coat ) and pressed onto the canvas like a stamp.
If you pour a thin layer of the white house paint onto a paper plate, kids can dip stars into that and stamp down.

Next – use white spray paint to splatter distant stats onto the canvas. Or use an old tooth brush to flick or splatter stars on.

Once dry – use paper to cut out a stencil to protect the area around the planet shapes. Use masking tape roll to make exact circle shape again.

Sponge in diff colours over the white planet shapes.
It’s important to have the white house paint underneath the colour so that the colour stays fresh and bright.
In other words- if you painted a yellow planet on a blue back ground without the white paint underneath- the yellow would turn green. (yellow+ blue= green).

Use a textured kitchen sponge to shade around one edge of the dry coloured circle shapes.
This gives the illusion of the planet being round and 3D.
Always shade on either the left hand side on all the planets or the RHS.

Sponge a lighter colour on the other side.
Lift paper masks and dry canvas and spray with varnish. ( optional).
Great gift idea or for decorating a boys room.

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