Kids pop art self portraits

Rain- Beaux: ( painting ideas)

Get the kids to do their own pop art paintings of themselves. Easy and cheap and very effective look on the wall of your house( once framed)

Andy wharhole was the founder of the art movement called – pop art.
This is a simple look to achieve – with oil pastels and paint or food colouring.
Kids love to do their own self portraits and this is a great one they can do themselves.
Framed up in a nice white box frame ($5- $10) from ikea.
A row of pop art in white frames of the kids faces ,on the wall can look very stylish and they will love the fact that they “painted it” themselves.
Firstly – take one of their recent school photos ( portrait shot) and photocopy and enlarge up to A4 or A3.
NB: you must use the lightest setting on the photocopier. And don’t use shiny/ glossy paper !!
Once printed out- use oil pastels to colour the skin, hair etc.
Use food colouring to paint in the back ground around the hair.
Dry in sun or with a hair dryer.
This also looks fantastic printed in the photo books/ coffee table books that you can print on line.the company- Snap fish! did ours on line.


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