Using food colouring in kids art

Rain- beaux ( kids art idea)

Under the sea:

Today I taught this kids art class
The results were so gorgeous I had to post it on
My blog
Below- 7 yr old Corbans work!!

Here’s how to do it:
Get blue , green and yellow food colouring.
86c a bottle.
A piece of water colour paper taped down to the table with masking tape.

Buy a bottle of masking fluid from any art shop. This is liquid latex and is such a great thing to have in yr craft box.

Next get a clean drinking straw.
Dab a blob of masking fluid onto the page in three places and blow it with the straw.

Dry masking fluid with a hair dryer.
Wash over the dry masking fluid with blue food colouring. Use a big brush.

Next use the green and yellow colouring and blow sea weed fronds with straw

Dry with hair dryer again

With a kitchen sponge – dab on brown paint for rocks on the bottom of the ocean

Peel off masking tape border.
Paint in little fish in colour and star fish.

And that’s it.
A winner for all kids of all ages ; boys and girls.
Great theme for kids party or to frame and decorate kids room.


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One response to “Using food colouring in kids art

  1. helen

    hi Jo,
    this is fabulous what a great job you have done… looking forward to getting back to class with you .

    blessings ,
    Helen Lucas

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