Name canvases for kids rooms

Rain-Beaux ( an art idea)
Beaux- peep ( use to decorate kids bedrooms)

A lovely arty project is to do your kids name for their bedroom wall or as a birthday gift for someone else.

I taught kids to do their own at a recent art class I taught.
Firstly – go onto the computer and select a font you like. I used the coco cola font – a cursive type that looks very “old worldish”.
Print out the childs name to the size you want to do in the middle of the canvas
Get carbon paper ( $1 per sheet from any news agency or art shop)
Paint the surface of the canvas and dry with hair dryer

I used simple blocks of colour and also printed down a textured wall paper with flowers on.

Once dry – wash through the print with watered down paint of the same colour.

Masking tape is a wonderful. – ” must have!”
You can paint each square and wash thru with diluted paint keeping the colour contained within the square.

Always dry well with hair dryer first.
Above- we added the bits of gold leaf and transfered the name on with carbon paper.
I usually get Indian ink and a fine brush to paint name on with.
But if you are nervous to do this- use a sharp black permanent marker.

Add embelishments like vintage stamps and collaged pieces of scrap booking paper or wrapping paper.
Tracing around a glass on paper makes a nice circle shape. Cut out and stick on with glue.

Circles look good stuck over the textured surface.
Also – white prints over the top of a dark surface looks effective.

The results are beautiful. ( see the proud look on mias face…., so cute).
The Eliana grace one I did at the top of the page was for a new borns bed room. ; mum was stoked. Xxxx
This project looks more difficult than it is. It’s quite easy.
I have done boys ones with soccer balls and a masculine font for the boys name.
See for these photos and 100’s more.
Have fun.


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