Using wall papers: part 1

Rain- beaux / Beaux- quet ( art and craft idea )

Recently I did the above painting and my adult art class wanted to do similar ones.
The big vintage frame was found at reverse garbage sale.
Also they are often in opp shops and a friend found me one on council clean up.

Firstly I got sample pieces of white embossed wall papers. These were free as a wall paper company was throwing out their discontinued wall paper sample books.
We divided the canvas surface up into squares and selected a colour scheme.
Sample pots of wall paints is often a good way to get really good ,sophisticated colour scheme

Cut bits of fabric up and collage.
Paint in the squares diff colours.

Use a strong glue to stick fabrics and wall papers to the surface of the canvas.

Use paper stencils and cut outs and stick to the surface of canvas. Once the glue is dry , paint over these stencils.

Two tones of colour washed over papers looks good.

Use old stamps and other complementary fabrics to create the geometric collage.

Once you paint over pieces of raised white wall papers dry with a hair dryer.
Use another colour on a roller to roll over the surface of the wall paper.
Use a lighter colour to roll over dark surfaces and use a darker colour to roll over light surfaces.
This technique is called -: Counterchange. !!

Once all is dry – frame in a big old frame and use on a feature wall space.
All you may need to fork out $$$ for is to get a piece of Matt board to go around your art piece( fro
any framer) and maybe a pieceof glass if you want glass over your work.
This is such a fun project. You can use embelishments like vintage buttons, ribbons etc etc too.


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