Wall paper ideas part 2

Beaux peep ( home decorating)

I took these snap shots from my friend becs vintage craft book. I just love the idea of using wall paper pieces as a collage in a shabby- shick style bed room for a little girl.

Covering old kitchen cupboards to give them a new lease if life.

Covering over a filing cabnet is a lovely idea too.
We just dragged ours out tonight and we are giving it a revamp ( on the inside and out). I am on a mission to get super organised.

Crazy crazy I know. And my photo is the wrong way around-….I know. But hey!!!why not cover the bath tub with wall paper. How innovative.

I have done a whole lot of collages ( see next post tomorrow ). My sister in new Zealand also had a great idea. She said to place ( not stick : by the way) all my fav wall paper pieces on my dining table and cover with clear vinal plastic. The one for table cloths. This can be bought on the roll per m. From spotlight.

This way you can change your look and colour scheme.
All of the above ideas can Also be done with pieces of scrap booking papers – also available from spotlight, big w and papershops etc etc.
More about wall papers tomorrow.


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