Butchers block revamp

Beaux- quet ( a craft idea)

Today after school drop off I noticed it was council clean up and sitting on the side of the road was a mini butchers block table on wheels about 40cm square and 1m heigh.

I managed to fit it into my car boot and raced home to give it a new lease of life
Firstly I got a pale tuquoise paint – other wise known as duck egg blue. One of my fav colours. I squeezed the paint on the surface

Next I covered all the natural wood with a rough wash. My little four yr old Jessica helped and we did it on the grass outside.

While the paint was still wet , I stuck a border of vintage stamps around the edge.

Next I got my old textured wall papers out and pressed them into the wet paint surface.

This made a lovely soft, ornate texture over the surface; showing bits of the wood thru.
Next I cut out a pic of a lovely old moth from a piece of wrapping paper.

After sticking the moth on with glue I hair sprayed the whole table to give it a protective gloss. Then I Matt varnished the table top surface using a thick , wide brush.

I got my art studio all tidied up – to make a good first impressio. For the new arrival – namely the butchers table.
And also to make a good impression on my husband when he walked in the door and found yet another road side special sitting in the house.
It looks great in my art studio and I will wheel it around when I’m painting and using my eisle and need a surface to store my brushes and paint.
I love council clean up. Why spend money when you can get it for free.

Beaux -on- the- go…

The other score I got on the road side this morning were some yellow vintage bar stools for my breakfast bench in my kitchen.
They were in perfect condition. Just needed dusting.

My husband nearly missed his bus to work this morning. So we all jumped in the car ( me and my little girls still in their pjs). We road down the road in the car chasing the bus. Then we lost the bus….. I was fuming!!!!
But as I was racing down the road sighing I spotted these yellow gems.
First get my man to the bus…. Then zoomed up the little side street I would have never gone down and whalah!!! – my chairs
I hopped out the car in my pjs and got my bed socks all wet.
Piled the chairs in my car boot and took them home to seat two little hungry girls on – waiting for their cornflakes.
And yes- this was all before 8am and two hours before the butchers block project.
So keep an eye out for gorgeous stuff on council clean up.

My sister painted me this gorgeous tea cup painting. It now has a changed places from the wall to my kitchen bench top next to my coffee maker – to of course: enhance my yellow chairs. Lol.


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