Out of space art

Rain- Beaux ( an art idea for kids)

Kids love out of space and planets and stars.
Yesterday I taught this art class to 14 students.
Great results.
On a canvas looks good so that they can hang it up in their rooms.
$2 shop canvas is fine.
First – paint the entire canvas navy blue or black and dry with hair dryer

Especially for little kids – use the inside of roll of masking tape to help them paint in the circle shape onto the surface of the canvas.
I bought a $2 pot of white house paint from Bunnings. This can often be found in the miss- tints section of the paint department.
While I was at Bunnings , I also bought some wooden star shapes ($1 ea) and a can of white spray paint.

These stars can be painted and stuck onto the canvas with wood glue or dipped into white paint ( thin coat ) and pressed onto the canvas like a stamp.
If you pour a thin layer of the white house paint onto a paper plate, kids can dip stars into that and stamp down.

Next – use white spray paint to splatter distant stats onto the canvas. Or use an old tooth brush to flick or splatter stars on.

Once dry – use paper to cut out a stencil to protect the area around the planet shapes. Use masking tape roll to make exact circle shape again.

Sponge in diff colours over the white planet shapes.
It’s important to have the white house paint underneath the colour so that the colour stays fresh and bright.
In other words- if you painted a yellow planet on a blue back ground without the white paint underneath- the yellow would turn green. (yellow+ blue= green).

Use a textured kitchen sponge to shade around one edge of the dry coloured circle shapes.
This gives the illusion of the planet being round and 3D.
Always shade on either the left hand side on all the planets or the RHS.

Sponge a lighter colour on the other side.
Lift paper masks and dry canvas and spray with varnish. ( optional).
Great gift idea or for decorating a boys room.


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