Amazing scones

Beaux- tie ( a recipe)

I am amazed That this recipe really works. But once again: it’s fool proof. Really , really easy and very cost effective.
This is the best and easiest scone recipe I have ever found.
None of the ” rubbing flour and butter together and awful kneading till your hands hurt”.
Who can be bothered with that any way???!!!

Here is the secret recipe.

1 can lemonade (375ml)
1 pot fresh cream ( 300ml )
4 1/2 cups self raising flour.


Oh my gosh. Can you believe that is all it takes to make light , fluffy scones that are so tasty.

Pre heat oven at 190 degrees.
Put all the above 3 ingredients in a big mixing bowl.
Mix together and make into a large ball of dough.
Sprinkle flour on your bench top to stop dough from sticking to the counter surface.
Place large ball of dough on floured surface and flatten into a large flat circle about 1 inch thick.
Don’t make it too thin or scones will harden and burn.
Cut circle shapes out with an up side down wine glass or play dough cutter.
Great idea to get the kiddies involved and get them to use all sorts of shapes ( hearts, stars etc) if you have cookie cutters or clean play dough cutters.
Fanta or raspberry fizzy drinks can be used instead of sprite / lemonade. This will make orange or pink scones. ( which the kids love!!! )
Place cut out scone shapes on grease proof paper / pizza tray.
Cook until golden brown. About ten mins.
Tip: Once cooked- place a clean tea towel over the hot scones. This prevents them from drying out.
Serve warm with butter, jam and lashings of fresh cream.
The cost of these scones is under $5 to make and they are so yummmmy.

My little girls made me these scones ( with daddys help) on mothers day breakfast. Photo above.
They bought me these two great old fashioned cake stands from the local opp shop. ( $8 &$10).that was my mothers day pressie. How fantastic. !!

They served the scones and coffee up for me in the sunshine- with hand picked flowers. So gorgeous. So tasty. So cheap.
Why not do a Devonshire tea for your girl friends.

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