Girls high tea

Beaux- princess ( girls party idea)

I snapped this pix quickly while a the mall the other day. Hopefully you can enlarge it and get the idea I’m thinking of.

Basically – a little girls high tea is a fab party idea.
This last week my 7 yr old daughter went to her first high tea.

This pix looks like it’s taken in the 1930″s.
What a lovely party it was. All credit to my friend Lisa who pulled it off successfully for her 7 yr old daughter and sevral little friends.

And amidst all the delightful little tea cups,tea pots and tartlets: a picture of the recent royal wedding of princess Kate and prince william featured on the high tea table. Gotta LOVE that idea. The little girls thought it was great.
They all dressed up in “royal ball gowns” for the party event.
They drank real tea with tiny tea cups and baby fingers in the air.
And to top it all – happy birthday was played by Lisa on the flute for the birthday girl, accompanied by brother on the grand white piano.
What a splendid party.

Of course- this can also be done as a very inexpensive party idea.
I worked out that the cup cakes ( see previous blog) cost about $3.60 per dozen to make.
Mini quiches are also very cheap. ( see previous blog under beaux-tie catogory- recipies)
Next blog is a Devonshire tea- the best and most ecconomical scone recipe.
Balloons and ribbons and ” brown paper packages tied up with strings…. These are a few of my favourite things. ” ( sound of music. ) – these can be the party bags.
Don’t forget paper plates etc. See Christmas with paper plates- previous blog. ( beaux -tie)
You can do a beautiful little girls high tea for under $50.
Buy lemonade (69c per L at aldi)
Pop a few drops of pink food coloring in the lemonade. ( old fashioned high tea look ).
Pink jelly in little disposable champagne flutes- very cheap too. Decorate edge of flutes with sugar and even a mini paper umbrella.
Done- a gorgeous high tea.
Have a splendid time.


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  1. sheralyn bucknell

    Hi Jo
    Well done – you are the creative queen!! Yes, all your amazing ideas need to be shared far and wide. xx

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