Boys rooms

Beaux & Arrow ( an idea for boys)

Boys names for their rooms:

I taught this class last wed and I was impressed at how well my student Claire did her boys names.
Bar code stripes are a great and effective way to do a canvas for a boys room. Choose nice “boyish ” blues and reds and use masking tape strips to create lines / bar code stripes.

Paint each stripe and mask off the rest. Remember to leave white stripes of the surface of the canvas between colour.( NB: the thicker the paint the better and always dry with hair dryer before doing next colour.)

I bought some wooden letters and painted them red and stuck them onto the canvas with wood glue.

I gave this as a gift for a boys room. You could use individual small canvases for each letter or do the name all on one.
( see past blogs about transfering names onto canvas)

Stripes is a great and effective way of doing up a boys room. How about black and white striped curtains OR wall paper.

I used the past blog idea of planets and stars to do the above one.

You can buy white carbon paper from any art shop for $1 to transfer a name or any writting onto a dark surface. Or black carbon paper for a light surface.

Plain bar code striped paintings are also a great idea for a boys room.

Never underestimate what you can do with a mere roll of masking tape, some paint and canvases ($2 shop often has great canvases).


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