Kids place mats

Beaux-quet ( art and craft idea)

Kids art place mats:

This is a quick and easy idea. Once again- cheap as chips and very effective. Great to use as a gift too.

Simply take your kids best art works from school or Pre school ( or home).
Laminate them to make place mats.
Smaller ones ( square or circle shape) for coasters.
I bought my laminator from office works for $29. I have used it alot and it’s been well worth the outlay.
Places like office works or any photocopy place will also laminate art work for you for only a dollar or two if you don’t own a laminator.
A set of personal placemats for grandparents is a lovely gift from the grandchildren.

Place the set of placemats and coasters with a ribbon around; in a gift box $3 from any variety store. A lovely gift.


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  1. Josie Halo

    Brilliant idea jo, always getting heaps of artwork home from school and kindy and we all know where it ends up. xx

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