Indian ink blowing

Beaux-Princess ( ideas for little girls rooms)

This is a blossom tree my 6 yr old did for her bedroom wall.
I love the whole theme of little paper lanterns ( available from Typo) or fairy lights and polka dot wall paper or curtains or linen. And the Japanese blossom trees in vintage colours makes a great look.
Even the old Japanese umbrellas/ parasols ( available from paddys market or alot of $2 shops) looks good if you paint over them in muted colours to match the blossom painting tones.
My sister and I recently saw this done in an old fashioned tea shop. The umbrellas were hung upside down from the ceiling and had polka dots hand painted over them. ( duck egg blue with accent sorbet tones is good)
Looks lovely in a little girls room.

To do the ink blowing you need:

-Paint-brushes and hair dryer
– a blank canvas ( any size)
– a bottle of black or sepia Indian ink
– a clean drinking straw ( cut in half)
-acrylic paint ( we used pink and white mixed roughly)
– stickers and transfers are optional extra embelishments
( they rub on with a ball point pen. Available at scrapbooking isle in stores like spotlight, big w etc)

Once the back ground colour is painted on and dried;
Place a blob ( about size of 5c) of Indian ink down the bottom surface of canvas with the dropper. ( where you want the tree to start from. The base/trunk)

Tip: buy the Dr martins Bombay ink ($5 ) as it has a dropper and makes it much easier to regulate how much ink you squirt onto canvas. Other brands don’t come with dropper.

Place the shortened straw in your mouth and blow the ink up the
Canvas allowing the “tree to grow”
Kids love to do this very easy and effective painting technique.
Once tree is dry, lightly sponge on some white blossoms .
Then put transfers and stickers at the end when all is bone dry.

It also looks Stunning hung on a painted feature wall in the little girls room!
One of my students did 3 huge ( 1and half m canvases) with this technique.
Looks gorgeous. ( provided you have the wall space of course).


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