Boys rooms- ideas

Beaux & Arrow: ( ideas for boys rooms)

My friend Joey just did up her boys rooms recently. I did the paintings for the boys. Joey did the fab interior design!

Camo is very easy to paint on canvas. Get Pre mixed test pots of paint in the exact greens, Greys etc. Small pots are cheap.
Take a camo pillowcase from the linen set to the paint department and choose the colour chips to match the colours.

Joey also bought large wooden letters and painted them in camo print. Typo has any 5 letters for $20.
The room looks awsome.
None of this mass commercial overkill of “ben ten ” and “spider man.” Please do a classey boys room!! Lol.

I hand painted these map paintings for joeys other sons room.
The first Beaux- constrictor idea. ( see home pages of site for Beaux design names/ categories)
As a quick tip for saving time, instead of hand painting the maps, print pics of maps off internet, sticking them on canvas and gloss varnishing them.

But the stars and stripes is a great idea for paintings on the walls for boys rooms.
Even simple bar code stripes of navy and red and white and wooden stars ( see previous Beaux & Arrow blog ideas)

More Beaux & arrow ideas to come.
Too much great girls stuff in the stores and not enough stylish boys stuff. – in my humble opinion.


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