Distressing a vintage chair

Beaux- peep ( a decorating idea)

This old chair was at vinnies opp shop last week for $30….. Score!!

The wood was awful. I bought it for my girls bed room to go with their new bed linen.
Tip: look for seconds linen in clearance stores. I found this beautiful cotton ( high thread count) bed linen from a seconds store in an industrial area. $15 for a king single. A tiny mark on the corner. No big deal. Why pay $100+
All stores like bed,bath and beyond, adaires etc who stock gorgeous linen , have seconds stores.
My training is textiles and I worked in the textile industry for 11yrs. Linen is so over priced in the stores and the mark up is massive. There is always an abundance of seconds goods to be found. Buy up cheap. ( more on that note in future blogs)

Back to the chair:

All you need to give a chair a distressed vintage look is sandpaper , white enamel spray paint and spray varnish.
Firstly I masked off the upholstry to protect it.
I Sanded the wood down lightly. ( while jabbering on the phone to a friend )

I sprayed the chair white.
Once dry- I resanded it on the edges for the “shabby shick ” look.

Peeled all the masking tape off. And there you go!!! Done.

Left it to dry in the sun for a bit and then did two coats of spray varnish.
Instead of an ugly old computer chair in the girls room next to their craft desk- now I lovely new “old” chair.

I do loooove chairs. My husband says….. Please no more vintage chairs, jo!!! I was VERY self controlled- I left the above pink ones ( set of 6) in the opp shop. $50….. Imagine those pink ones in black and white upholstry and done white washed and distressed like my green one above!!! Oh my gosh…. Please some one- go and buy them.. (Ha ha)


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One response to “Distressing a vintage chair

  1. claire

    i’ll go and buy them!!! 😉
    you know those teal, vinyl ones in Bernados … am thinking of getting them – but not sure if they’ll go with my dining table – do you know the railway sleeper furtniture? my dining table is a lovely old one of them …
    maybe too dark with the teal vinyl.
    wot do you think?
    from your friend in chairs!

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