Beaux-quet (craft project)

Last week I worked on a project to put together some old fashioned bunting.
I’m in love with my “new” old vintage orange velvet chair. ( seen in pic above- to enhance the look of my bunting- gotta love that!)

I used some old twine ( $2 per roll) and fabric from ikea and a hair clip to thread the twine through the flags.

Denim is lovely to use with other fabrics. I suggest drawing on the triangle shape first with a marker pen and ruler. Very hard to cut without a line drawn on.
Fold fabric in half and cut two triangles at once.
Sew edges together. Leave a place near the fold so you can string the bunting on the twine.

The brighter the better. Bunting is great to decorate a kids room, use for a party ( inside or out in the garden).
If you’re not the fussy type and don’t sew- just staple the fabric onto ribbon.

I went to a gorgeous new shop in manly recently called -“Neck of the woods” ( pittwater rd)
They have taken very old fashioned kids books and cut paper bunting from the pictures in the old books and attatched that to ribbon and strung it up near the ceilings. It looks fab.

I found this old book for a dollar at a church yard sale in Leura (Blue Mountains). Printed in 1930s.
It will make great paper bunting. !!!



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3 responses to “Bunting

  1. Nicky Whisson

    looks awesome Jo……looking forward to getting the bunting up in Kidz xxx

  2. Ruth

    Are your flags double sided. sewn together then turned right side out? or are the raw edges on the outside?

    • Ruth

      Its OK I’ve enlarged the pic & worked it out. You zig zagged on right side & didn’t need to turn flag inside out. they look great.

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