Cushions ( part 1)

Beaux- peep ( decorating ideas)

I just love how you can change an entire look of a room with new cushions. I recently did this for very little money.

There is a company in Sydney called- rapee. They do an amazing sale once to twice a year and all their cushions are $2- $8 each!!!
These cushions are all from that sale. I went crazy in the $2 room. I scored such beauties.

These textured ones being some of my all time fav!!!

I remember when my daughter Eden was a baby 7 years ago I had a friend over in nz who took me cushion shopping once. In remuera ( for those of you who know Auckland )- the most expensive suburb to live in.
She did not flinch at spending $260 on a cushion.
I was gob smacked. I added up the equivalent in groceries- especially 7 yrs ago !!!!!
The cushion was nothing special.
Nice- but easy to make.

I think alot of stuff is so over priced these days. And Its about knowing where to get the same look for a fraction of the price.
The Rapee sale is where to go for throws, cushions, table runners and place mats.

This is the same room ( as above) ,same couch, same wall colour. Just diff
Cushions and I swapped paintings around.
It’s a clever way to give a room a whole new lease of life.
Getting a neutral coloured couch Is always a good idea. So you can easily change the whole look of a room with new cushions and a few new accesories. Replacing the couch would be pricey each time you got bored with the look.
But at $2 per cushion you can afford to get a new look and have a new colour scheme.


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