Cushions (part 2)

Beaux – quet ( craft idea)

I decided to use buttons to decorate cushions. I sewed 126 buttons onto 2 red felt cushions. By Folding the felt into squares onto the top surface of the cushion.
I bought the red felt cushion already made for $10. But sewing four sides of a cushion is not hard if you want to make the felt cushion from Scratch.

Once again- I really like using denim. Freying the edges to show the cross thread.

I stitched this onto the middle of the cushion leaving the edges freyed.
Using buttons is such a simple but effective way of decorating cushions.
And I have only used clear , white, simple buttons from the $2 shop. There are such stunning arrays of buttons out there. The lady who used to live in our house before we did actually had a business of selling vintage buttons. Imagine a whole cushion covered in vintage buttons. Wow.

Also – see a great blog site by my friend Bec from “born again creations”- she has recently done
Two great cushion ideas on her blog .We must be on the same creative wave length- as both of us blogged about cushions without even talking to each other about the next project we were planning on doing.

I will post the date and address of the future Rapee cushion sale as soon as I get it. ( see part 1 – cushions)


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