Cushions ( part 3)

Beaux- quet ( craft idea)

Beaux- constrictor ( more difficult project to do)

These are the other two cushions I love. My darling mum sewed all the ribbons and buttons on the left hand one.

Close up shot. !!!!
What an amazing work of art this cushion is. Part hand sewn, part machine. It’s such a lovely feature cushion among plain red and plain grey ones.

Next – my little home made vinyl number. I picked this deep red vinyl up on a roll in ikes imporium. A dive of a shop- kind of a mixture of an opp shop and a $2 shop.
It was under $10 per m.
As I said- this was a tricky project. My mum helped me sew the cushion as vinyl is tricky to see on a machine.

The zip was a beaux- constrictor to put in. But great satisfaction on completion.
I saw a similar cushion in notebook magazine made out of brown felt. It was $129 just for one cushion. I was so not prepared to pay that much. But I really wanted one.
Mine cost under $10. But it was time consuming.

I drew the basic squiggle shape onto the surface of the red vinyl with a marker pen.
Then I sticky taped the string all the way around the shape to hold it in place. Next I sewed it onto the vinyl with white cotton ( in and out….in and out with the needle and thread….. Following the line. Partly watching sound of music on tv- ha ha).

Once attatched- I pulled the sticky tape off.

My cushion was stuffed, zipped up and now complete.!! It has prize position on our bed with the other red rapee- brand cushions and the delightful one my mum gifted me with all the ribbons and buttons.
A tricky project – but great fun and lovely to decorate a bed with.


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