Kids art- volcanoes

Rain-Beaux ( art project for kids)

It’s 11am and we are still in our pjs. I love weekends. My 7 yr old and I have had such a lovely morning together doing inks and painting volcanoes.

Once again- this looks a little harder than it actually is to do.
You need: crayons or pastels, a piece of water colour paper, masking tape and a sponge and paint brush. Drinking straw and sepia ink ( optional)

First : tape the water colour paper down to the table.
Next: draw three wavey lines across the paper.

Next draw volcanoes as shown above.this is all done by the child in crayon.
Then get a ruler and get the child to randomly draw straight lines
Across the wavey lines.

Then with crayons colour in each geometric shape with warm colours. Yellow , orange reds and pinks.

While still in pjs- ( ha ha) paint in sky with red or yellow food colouring.

With a yellow food colouring paint in mountains. The wax in the crayons resists against the ink. Looks great.

Use red for the bottom mnts.

Use sepia ink to blow through a straw ( see previous blog on ink blowing)

Use a sponge to lightly apply brown acrylic paint on left hand side of each mountain.

Peel masking tape off the paper. Dab excess food colouring off with tissue if still a bit wet.
Then put orange acrylic paint on a kitchen sponge and lightly sponge the tops of the mountains.

This makes the volcanoes look like lava is coming out of it.

Now- go and get out of your pjs for goodness sake… It’s nearly lunch time !!!!!!


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  1. Louise Gray

    Love it Jo… Will try this out with Abbey
    Love Lou

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