Masking fluid trees

Rain- Beaux ( art project for adults or kids)

Tree scape in chocolate tones:

This is a lovely and effective , yet simple art project.
Doing a tripteche ( a series of three canvases that go together )

You need:
Liquid latex/ masking fluid
A drinking straw
Hair dryer
Brushes and acrylic paint

Art spectrum make a good masking fluid- under $10 per bottle and this will last ages.

Decide on a good colour scheme, that tones well with your home and wall colours. The above canvases will be hung on a chocolate/ mocha coloured feature wall in a foyer of a home I am helping to design.

Firstly: Pour masking fluid on canvas and tilt up to allow the fluid to run down the canvas to make the trunks / stems of the trees.

Begin to blow the masking fluid to create tree branches

Do all three canvases in a similar way and then use hair dryer to dry the masking fluid completely. It won’t work if patches are still sticky and wet.
Once dry, paint in the hills with a large brush. Dark brown was used in this case. Paint must be watered down – not too thick.

Next use the lighter tones of watered down paint – in this case creames, beiges and mocha colours.
Fade these colours up the whole surface of the canvas in big horizontal brush strokes.
Best to do all three canvases at the same time so they match up when hung on the wall together.

Don’t forget to paint around the edges of the canvases too.
Then dry all the surfaces with hair dryer. The masking fluid is basically “liquid plastic”- therefore it resists the paint. ( provided paint is not too gluggy and thick. !!!)

Now the fun bit: use the eraser and rub off the masking fluid. It pulls off in long strands, like mozzarella cheese.
This will expose the white canvas and tree shapes start to emerge.
When all the masking fluid has been removed, you have your tree scapes.
I always say, “Less is More!”
I think the simplicity of these three simple trees makes such a striking art work for a wall. I don’t think it needs any thing more ( ie: if you are doing this project at home with your kids, they will want to add flowers and leaves and a rainbow etc……) no, don’t wreck it – please. Less IS more!

A simple coat of varnish or a glaze or even three coats of hair spray will seal the canvases nicely and give a satin sheen to your work. Hang on a coloured feature wall if you can.
Have fun.


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  1. claire

    love it Jo! you’re amazing

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