Kids cubby house

Beaux- princess / beaux – and-arrow ( idea for little girls & boys)

Some of my fondest childhood memories were ones of playing in my cubby house with my little friends from next door.
I love cubby houses and the one above was found on council clean up in pieces on the side of the road.
This was a project I did with my girls. We washed the cubby house down with a hose – pipe and lots of bubbles- ( all part of the fun with little kids)
Once the pieces were dry we put the cubby together and we gave it a rough white wash coat of paint.

This is my husband playing inside the cubby with the girls.

Then we got out the acrylic paints and began to paint tulips on the doors and window shutters. The girls loved doing this part.

I put a few finishing touches of shading on the tulips to make them look 3d. Nothing fancy- all very rough. But that’s part of the shabby- shick look.

We also found some old terracotta pots and plastic pots on the side of the road from council clean up. We brought those home and painted them white too and put some plants in.

When we moved into our place this part of the garden was totally over grown with weeds and was basically unusable as the tree there was full of ticks.
We had great fun with the help of friends who had a chainsaw. Chopped the tree down and pulled all the weeds out.
Then laid some plastic down. Put some white pebbles down and put the cubby house and white pots there instead. Looks great.

We bought some cheap stepping stones for the girls to step on to get to the cubby door.

There’s our little cubby…”new homes and gardens look!!!”
Dolls and tea parties in the sun- can’t wait.

This whole project cost me nothing as it was all council clean up throw outs including the paint.
The white stones for the garden we did pay for. I found a great place in Brookvale ( here in Sydney) that delivers an entire TONNE of white stones for $100 ! This did my entire garden all around the whole house. Now I have almost no weeds or garden maintanance. My kids loved shoveling the stones in their beach buckets and helping me put them all around the garden. We had great fun- a team effort.

Often these cubby houses are available in op shops and other recycled garbage places. They just need a coat of paint and a little creativity.
I would love to do some little window boxes of pansies and hang them under the window shutters.

Beaux and Arrow:

The old wooden slatted cubbys are great to revamp too.
Think boys: – navy and white striped wooden slats with red gingham curtains and a little red or navy door and pirate flag on the top of the cubby!! Gorgeous.

Don’t forget this previous blog- pic above. This is great colour for painting a cubby house for boys and also doing a name sign above the door- Bens Cubby!

Enjoy your own ” better homes and gardens”.

P.s- I would love to get my hands on my neighbours cubby house behind the white fence!!!! ( pic above)

” We love our cubby! ”
( my girls on the roof of their cubby house yesterday. )


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