Kids stepping stool

Beaux- quet ( craft project)

This is a fun project to do for your kids. I did mine with my mothers group when our kids were all little. All of us mums did our stools at the same time one night. With lots of nibbles and drinks and good laughs.

The stool above I found on another council clean up. It was a tall bar stool and I had the legs cut off to make it like a little old fashioned milking stool.

This was the other one I did ( I have two daughters)
The blank little stools are also available from Bunnings warehouse and are not too expensive.
I painted the legs of the stool with bar code stripes which I did with masking tape to make the stripes.

I painted Eden’s name all over the top and then put a pink heart shape over the top. To get the block printing look, paint the pink heart shape with thick acrylic paint onto a piece of plastic cellophane first. Then print the heart shape down onto the top of the stool.

With Jessica’s stool, I did her name as shown in previous blog ( doing name canvases for your childs room)
The legs are a bright sunshine yellow and have red dots on. To get a good polka dot shape, use the back of a pencil that has a rubber on the back. Dip into the paint and stamp onto the stool. This will give you a good circle / polka dot shape.

If you are not keen/ confident to paint cup cakes, even different coloured stripes or polka dots over the whole stool will look nice.

The other mums in my mothers group did lighthouses for boys, cars, trucks & tractors. Very cute.

My girls use their stools all the time. Especially for standing up at the basin for brushing their teeth.
And also – a ” naughty stool”. After watching the super nanny series on tv a few years ago – I use a naughty stool for time out purposes. Gotta love that.


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