Interior Design tips

Beaux- peep (interior design)

Little ideas for your home:

Pears and apples are so beautiful to display in your home in a creative way. The colours are vibrant and the shapes – gorgeous.
My tip: display your best things and put away the “ugly” things.
For example: if you have shelves in the kitchen: use them to display pretty things not store cereal boxes etc.
If you have matching coffee cups, display those together and put all the ones with writing and slogans on, etc away in the cupboard.

These shelves are in my kitchen. I painted the back wall around them black and tied up the colour in my favourite mugs.
Of course: black paint from miss tints section at Bunnings- $2.
Mugs from opp shop $5 for set. I always look for vases on sale. Big black and white vases- $5 and $3 on Freedom furniture clearance sale.

“Less is more”. So keep lines in the house clear and simple is a usual ” rule of thumb”.
Use red peppers and apples etc to add touches of colour. My capsicum is fake , so never needs swapping. Always ties up red colours.

When we moved into our house- these cupboards were an awful brown. I painted them a neutral beige colour and displayed my matching mugs.

Once again- a vintage opp shop find a few weeks ago- an old fashioned cake stand. Only a few dollars. Lovely to display fruit on the shelves and perfect for a high tea. Ladies High tea…. Now that’s another blog to come.


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  1. Louise Gray

    Nice Jo… Love your style 🙂

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