Birthday cakes and cup cakes

Beaux- tie ( a recipe)

Basic sponge cake recipe:

2 cups self raising flour
2 eggs
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup oil
1 cup milk
Vanilla essence

Mix all ingredients together in a large bowl! Then beat with an electric beater or wooden spoon till all mixed through and smooth.
I often double or triple the recipe as it’s the same one for the cup cakes.

If you want to make a butterfly shape you need Pour batter into a large square oven dish , bake and then cut wing shapes out of the square cake afterwards.
I used simple musk sticks to line the edge of the wings. This also cover up any dodgey icing attempts.

This is another one I did. I got a roll of pink curling ribbon and l stuck it down on a white piece of wood. Actually – it was a cupboard shelf!!! Be innovative.

So back to the butterfly – cut a long sausage shape for the body and ice each piece individually.then put the wings and body together on the cake plate.
Use Little silver balls on the cake- the ones you can eat , they are a lovely finishing touch.
I used liquorice for antenae on the first butterfly and curling ribbon on the end of a tooth pick on sophias one.

Using the broken pink musk sticks and the rest of the purple and pink icing, I did the cup cakes. As I said: same recipe. Place batter in cup cake cases and bake at 180 till golden brown. Always ice cakes once cool or icing melts.

I tied the curling ribbon to each musk stick curled the ribbon ribbon by pulling it against the back side of a pair of scissors. Then just pressed it into each cake.

I found a large piece of cardboard from going to a shop that sold fridges etc and asked them for a fridge box. I painted it pink and put ” happy birthday” on it in white paint.

I got a 10m piece of colourful fabric from spotlight on their clearance rolls for $1 p/m. This became the table cloth.
And there was the main part of the party….
I used the scone recipe and choc cake recipe and quiche recipe to do some other tasty bites. ( see Beaux- tie section of my blog for other easy recipes that work every time!)
The whole party can be under $100.
I usually go to a local park, tie baloons everywhere and make it look pretty.
But this recipe is a winner. It’s so quick and easy and works every time. I’ve been using it for over 15 years now and done SO many cakes!!
More themed parties and cake ideas in a future blog. Enjoy baking – I always get the kids involved and then they can say they helped make their own birthday cake. They love that!!


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