Rapunzel Party

Beaux- princess.

My little girl turned 5 this week. After seeing the movie “Tangled”, she was determined to have Rapunzel as the theme for her party.
We always try to do a theme for the girls parties and I always bake every thing from scratch and do the party on a strict budget.

I used the recipe I posted last time ( see Beaux – tie) for basic birthday cake and cup cake recipe. And choc mud cake recipe.

I found a cup cake stand at a garage sale for $1. I made cup cakes and mixed purple and white icing together to get a “marbled” look.

Next I made Rapunzel plaits for the girls hair. Making 12 of these was a mission, but alot of fun to do with my girls. Basically, I bought 4 balls of yellow wool from $2 shop ( for $2 each)

I unrolled these and made them into individual plaits as little gifts for each princess that came. I placed a hair tie on the top end so the girls could tie a pony tail in their hair and attach the fake plait to that.
The roll of purple satin ribbon was also $2. I used this on everything I possibly could, to tie up the colour scheme.

I stuck strips of ribbon onto my broken platter with masking tape at the back. I was gutted when this flat, white, square platter dropped and the corner broke off. But I was determined to be resourceful and still use it.

The striped platter made a good “stage” for the cake.
I used pink and white ribbon the same way on Sophia’s butterfly cake. See previous blog.

For the lollie bags I used gold , plastic noodle boxes. These are $2.50 for five. I needed 15. ( $7.50). Inside I placed lollies and a balloon, a chocolate and a lollipop. I tied these in cellophane to keep them fresh as I did these a few days before the party. I put each child’s name on each party bag. This helps when handing them out and it’s all very hectic in party mode.

I stayed in my pjs till 3pm the day before the party- baking and preparing!!! The dishes were hectic. I thought I had to show you a pic of only a third of the mess!!!! Also because the girls helped me bake and crack eggs etc etc. It got messy…. And I don’t have a dish washer. But …. It’s all part of the fun. Buying cakes is far too expensive in my opinion and I hate that ” shop taste” of bought cake!!!

All the prep was done and ready to go. I used all the cake stands I showed in previous blogs that I bought from the op shops, decorated with curling ribbon. The girls were beside themselves with anticipation and excitement for the party the next day.
Getting all of this plus tables down to the park was a huge feat but well worth it.
Manly is so beautiful and it was a clear sunny day.
I am relieved I didn’t do the party at home as my vacuum cleaner has just given up the ghost and I had also planned t-shirt painting as the party activity.

I hand painted a canvas that said “kids art station”. This was decoration for the art table.

I got white t-shirts and made a masking tape square in the middle of each t shirt. These were on special for $5 each from Big W. The good thing was I got 9 of these for free from Eden’s ballet teacher who had a whole lot of new spare ones left over after ballet concert. I placed tin foil inside the t shirt to protect fabric paint from leaking through onto the back of shirt.
Fabric paint was $8.50 for set of 8 bright colours.
I did 3 kids at a time as I only had enough space for 3 at the table and 3 painting aprons.
We dried the t-shirts in the sun.
They each had their own art work to take home. Some of the creations were stunning. I wrote  “by Jessica” ( each childs name…) on each shirt with a permanent marker, so their shirts were named and didn’t get mixed up.

Purple balloons and a bright purple bed sheet for a table cloth also kept colour scheme consistent.
Purple paper plates and serviettes would have been better but the $2 shop didn’t have any. Pink was ok, I guess.

I love this pic- of all the long plats ( back view) as they all sung happy birthday. I used sparklers in the cake as candles didn’t stay alight. A good tip for an out door party. $1.50 for 24 from woolworths.

The smiles on the faces says it all. It was a fantastic day and a very successful party.

And a special treat- best friends from Alice springs came!!!! A very Happy 5 th birthday.


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  1. caroline

    I love reading your creative ideas. It helps me keep in touch with what is happening in your world. Very good ides. You are creating memories that will last. Your girls will feel loved and values. Well done.

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