White princess party

Beaux- princess ( girls ideas)

Putting Jessicas 5th birthday party up on my previous blog, jogged my memory to pull up some older photos of my other daughter ( now 7 yrs) when we did her 5th birthday.
She wanted everything white and it was a white fairy/ princess party.
There is the cake above. I dusted icing sugar on everything just before party started and forgot to clean barbies face off- hence the white on her face. Ooops!!

We had a beautiful day at Clareville Beach, Palm Beach, Sydney.

I took this pic (above) on the day….. And that’s why we live in Sydney. ( all my friends living around the world who read my blog….)
I can’t understand why people pay up to $400+ to hire a room at a play centre when these beaches are free. ( in summer!!!) Of course rain/winter I understand.

I started the party with ice cream cones ( had to bring a 5L ice cream in a chilled freezer box) to the beach on a hot day.
All the girls dressed in white. Jessica is 3 in this photo.

All the food was white: vanilla ice cream, popcorn, meringues, milk bottle lollies, white marshmellows threaded on skewers, white scorched almonds ( chocolates) and all cup cakes covered in white chocolate.

I used the white ” Dream” words to decorate the table. ( it has since got a little trashed, two years on).
I used this glass bowl ( $8 from woolworths) to make the cake dress for Barbie doll birthday cake.
I know you can buy the actual dress cake tins from trendy baking stores but they are so pricey ( $48 – Alfresco Imporium, pittwater rd, Sydney)
The glass bowl works just as well. Line it with baking paper first.
Except , you need to snap Barbies legs off to make her torso fit into the dress shape cake!!!
We all know Barbie has out of proportion, very long legs. The funny thing is, my girls found barbies legs lying on the bench top and were very traumatized!!!!
But after they got over the shock of two random, severed legs with pink ballet slippers on the end, being in the house- they then became the favourite toy to play with for a few weeks.
I think that’s so funny: these two legs had names each and became characters all on their own and involved in numerous games the girls made up. They even came in the car for rides Lol.

I tried to make a real WHITE cake ie: I wanted to make a sponge cake where the actual texture and colour of the cake was not cream ( off white) but stark , snow white.
This is achieved by using white lard instead of yellow butter in the recipe.
The photos in this 1960″s recipe book my mum had, looked fab. It was a complete train smash as a baking adventure. I don’t recommend it. I took the ” white” theme a bit far. I dressed in white and got other mums to join in too. Fun! But back to the white lard. It jammed up my electric beater and it broke and that was the end of it. How you are meant to cream lard and white sugar…. Is beyond me.
That’s why I like simple, easy recipes. A kids party is enough work as it is, with out hectically hard and complex recipe!!
Back to the good old fav…. ( see previous blog with Sophia’s cake!)
K.I.S.S.- ( keep.it.simple.stupid!) note to self.
None the less…. A lovely party. We all ended up swimming. And then there was a gorgeous, grand beach wedding, and a live jazz band right next to us. The girls loved seeing the bride and brides maids and we all thoroughly enjoyed soaking up the afternoon sun to the sound of live jazz. Nice.


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