Melting wax crayons

Rain- Beaux ( art idea for kids)

On Friday night we had our first official Stanes family art night!

The girls were excited to not have to go to bed after dinner and could stay up ” late” and paint with mum and dad.
Very excited …. When they heard they could play with candles!!!
Under strict mum and dad supervision we allowed them to melt all the wax crayons they wanted to, onto thick water colour paper.

Jessica getting into it.

Dad lighting the candle with Eden.

Then they washed through the melted wax with inks. ( food colouring or any other water colour inks work fine).

The effect is beautiful. Above you can see how dropping rock salt ( or table salt) onto the wet ink causes an amazing effect.

Because the girls had SO much fun I decided to teach this technique at my home schooled kids art class on Wednesday.
They loved it too. A bit scary with 11 kids and fire!!!
But I got the mums to assist me and each child had a cup of water close at hand in case they quickly needed to snuff out the flame.
Oil pastels don’t work by the way. We found that out the hard way.

Jessica was most proud of her art work and told me it was an outerspace galaxy.

The salt dries crusty by the morning after. We then dusted it off onto the grass outside the next morning.

These were a few pieces from Wednesday’s class. The photo does not do the work justice as the detail and colours are so vibrant and intricate.

I thought 3 yr old Zara’s one was very mature and sophisticated. Framed up in a huge frame and Matt board this will look stunning.

A great way to be creative WITH your kids. Matches are now safely put away. Or my girls would be up at the crack of dawn before I’m awake trying to recreate this technique.



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2 responses to “Melting wax crayons

  1. Rochelle, Auckland, NZ

    Beautiful – thanks so much for sharing this technique. I know our daughter will love this.

  2. Eucs

    Stunning Jo. Clever idea. Can’t wait to try with Eli … In a year or two xx

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