Some quick, fun, ideas

Beaux- princess ( ideas for girls)

My girls love pink. Pink anything. So I’m blogging a few, creative, quick ideas my girls love.
We made “fairy porridge ” for a weekend breakfast. Just for fun. Cous cous with a tiny drop of pink colouring and a bit of sugar and vanilla essence. The girls thought this was such a treat and were convinced fairies actually ate that.

The next girlie thing we did was play pretend snow fall in fairy land. Dad hasn’t mowed the lawns yet which was great…. The clovers were out. We got sives and bicarb soda and dusted the clovers for the fairies. Making a pretend snow fall. Then played with the tiny Tinkerbell plastic fairies they have, in the clovers.
They so enjoyed this and dressed as fairies themselves.

The next fun and simple thing we did this week was a cats tails craft. We collected cats tails plants from a massive bush near school. Came home and they drew pictures of cats and then we stuck the plants on for tails.

This is the first time ( at age 5 now) Jessica has ever drawn something on purpose.
Up until now she has not been the least bit interested in any art or craft project (except for melting crayons last week). I know I need to let her be herself, but I’m so happy that finally she has seen the light.!!!! Ha ha.

This is just part of my art studio at home. We have 76 canvases in the house. ( see online and my art website soon to be launched). Some art works are huge. There is always a creative project on the go at our place.

Eden is the complete opposite to Jessica (as most siblings are). She is always painting and drawing. A few of her art works below. ( blog to follow)

Eden’s volcanoes are in a previous blog along with many more art works.
So, I’m very excited to see the creative juices being a ” positive peer pressure ” so to speak. Jessica is getting into the creative zone too. Hooray!

Another quick idea is to put a piece of plastic down on the table. Let the kids smear paint on the plastic surface and then print the paper face down on the paint. I framed the one Jessica did below.

And below: Jessica’s latest art work: a dinosaur that is very afraid. His hand is up at his face wiping his tears. Love that. Little kids drawings are the best.

Lastly: two ideas I did the girls when they were little. This one is pink too……
A can of beetroot poured into an empty bath tub. Oh my gosh – what a complete cracker if you want to buy yourself some time with a one year or two yr old. Mine stayed in the bath playing and making patterns with the beetroot juice and pieces for an hour or more. Needs to be done naked ( of course) and in summer I guess, as it’s so cold at the moment .
It didn’t stain their skin or the bath which was good. At the end I sprayed it all down with the shower hose and threw the chunks of beetroot away.

And secondly / lastly: “Bees on knees.”
I would draw bees on their knees while toilet training them. Even a ball point pen or texta will work. I painted mine with water colour. Teaching them to be patient for the poo to come and teaching the 2 yr old about rhyming words etc. Bees rhymes with knees…etc etc.
Fun and simple ideas. They just loved having little cute pictures of buzzing bees on their knees. Enjoy. Xx


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  1. What a beautiful post Jo, and how lucky are your girls to have such a creative and imaginative mummy. I loved the fairy games and the bees on knees – such sweet ideas.

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