Beaux- quet ( craft )

This week Jessica had a friend over to play and I gave them an old place mat each and they made their own mosaic platters for the table.

They had so much fun arranging the mosaic tiles in rows and glueing them on. The grouting part was even more fun!!!

Boxes of old place mats were in great abundance at the local opp shop. So I bought 3 boxes ( 6 in each). They have a cork bottom so they protect the table from extreme heat / marking.

I bought the coloured tiles from Bunnings and a huge bag of white mosaics from the opp shop too. Mosaics need to be stuck on with strong PVA glue and a 3mm gap in between each tile to allow the grout to sit in between.

The grout needs to be mixed up like thick porridge in an old container. I used a spatula to help layer it over the tiles. The glued tiles do need to dry solid first so they don’t move when you put the grout on top.

I ended up taking the girls outside onto the grass to finish the project as it is very messy.

Once the grout dries a bit ( NOT fully dry ) you need to carefully wipe the excess off the top of the surface of the tiles, leaving the grout to sink into the grooves between the tiles. This is done with a damp sponge that has had all the excess water squeezed out of it.

Because the whole mosaic project was such a success we did it at my home schooling art class I run on a Wednesday morning.
Some of the kids put black ink in their grout. Yellow also worked well. Next time we will do pink grout ( for the little girls).

Here are some of the results at the end of the class. ( note: yellow and black grout ).

It was so much fun and a successful craft project , I have decided to do a mirror ball with mirror tiles and a flower pot with shells and mosaics grouted into the surface. Watch this space….


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  1. Rochelle, Auckland, NZ

    Thank you for another inspiring, creative project.

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