Marbling with paints

Rain-Beaux ( art project)

This is such a fun project……
But so, so messy. So I’ll state that right from the outset.

We ended up hanging all our marbling art works on the washing line to dry to get them out the way.

Firstly you need some old baking trays with about an inch of water in each.
Mix jars of oil paints in different colours in each jar.

The oil paint needs to be very thinned out / runny so you can pour this on top of the water. I used thinners and linseed oil to mix the paints and thin them down.

Swirl oil paint droplets around to make patterns.

Lay paper flat on the surface of the water and the oil marbling effect sticks to the paper. The kids were stoked with the outcome and we decided to laminate our art works to make sets of place mats for the table

Here are all the laminated art works below.

Next we tried another form of marbling with milk, dishwashing liquid and food colouring.

Fill the trays with milk instead of water. Drop food colouring into the milk.

Once that is done, put little drops of detergent on top of food colouring.
Colours begin to swirl on their own.

Dip paper on top of the surface of the milk and lay flat.

The results were truely amazing and great to do with really young kids too.

A nice gift for Grandparents, to do a set of laminated place mats done by the toddler. Tie up with a satin bow and place in gift bag.

I do recommend art smocks to be worn especially when doing the oil paint version of marbling. And have a large ream of paper and a large surface/ table covered in newspaper ready to place wet art works.



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3 responses to “Marbling with paints

  1. caroline

    Looks messy and heaps of fun. My family would love to do this

  2. Louise Gray

    I never knew you could marble with milk! I’ll definitely give that a go with the kids. Thanks Jo, you’ve inspired me 🙂
    Love Lou

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