Painting – flowers in a vase

Rain -Beaux. ( art project).

How wonderful to have a big painting on the wall done by your child / children.

Right now I am sitting in china town in a little hair salon getting my hair chemically straightened by the real pros at this game…. And writing my blog at the same time. My untamed lions mane will be dead straight locks of hair in a few hours. Why not use the time to blog!!!!

My niece and nephew (4 yrs & 8yrs) did this painting for their new house last week with me when we were on the gold coast. My girls and I flew up to the Gold Coast in Queensland last week for $35 each. I love a bargain. I’m nic named the ” bargain queen”. Gotta love those cheap flights on jetstar.
Anyway – we decided to do mum ( my sister in law) a painting. Here’s the Prelude:

I went into this cute florist to buy my sister in law some real tulips. A small bunch was $35 !!!!
I nearly choked with shock. That bunch of 7 tulips was the same price as my air ticket from Sydney to the Gold Coast!!!
I smiled politely and quickly popped the tulips back in their bucket in the shop and hurried out.
Let’s rather buy a canvas and 5 tubes of paint for $30!!
And paint the tulips in a vase and then you have them forever.
So that is what we did. It looks gorgeous.

I also did this same project a couple of weeks ago with an even bigger canvas and 4 kids.

I got the kids to lie next to their black canvas to show just how big it was. This painting was their pressie for their mum ( my lovely friend Claire from Zimbabwe ).

First step: was to cover the back ground with neutral coloured paint using large kitchen sponges. Little Zara ( 4yrs) really got into this part and loved feeling included in this big project with her older siblings.

We used masking tape to section off the table part of the painting. They used burgundy and purple paints to do this with big brushes. Each step was dried in between with hair dryers.

Next they masked off a simple vase shape with masking tape. John painted in the vase with white paint. ( as seen in pic above).
Once dry, before removing the masking tape from around the vase shape, they sponged a grey shade down the left hand side of the vase. This gives the 3D illusion that the vase is a cylinder shape.
Then the masking tape is removed. Next they got a tube of olive green paint and squeezed the stem shapes straight out of the tube. Down the centre of the canvas and into the vase. Time for the flowers.

I got some cellophane and the kids painted the tulips onto that first and then printed them down onto the surface of the canvas at the top of the flower stem.

Flowers look better in odd numbers than even numbers. 3 or 5 often looks good and makes a complete composition.

Rough leaf shapes were dabbed onto the stems using a lighter green and a kitchen spatula.

Once the flowers are dry, the kids used their fingers to smear on darker shades of red over the orange.

This is Ben drying the painting while on the wall. The excitement of seeing it hung…. Big smiles and a wow from dad when he came in the door.
My brother was the same – most impressed with his kids art work.

Needless to say… So was I.
We then sprayed over the whole canvas with 3 coats of hair spray to give it protection and a glossy sheen.



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5 responses to “Painting – flowers in a vase

  1. Rochelle, Auckland, NZ

    Absolutely stunning! As always, many thanks for sharing.

  2. caroline

    Jo I wish I lived near to you so that I could be part of all the fun you get up to. You are such an inspiration. You have so much energy and such good ideas. Go Jo

  3. Min Peters

    I still have a very similar work of art hanging on my wall, created (with your help Jo!) by my Jasmine when she was 3 years old. And it still makes me smile everyday šŸ™‚

  4. Tiffeny

    Go girl! Thanks for being my sis in law! I love my painting. Reminds me how loved I am in the family.

  5. Louise Gray

    Wow, it’s always amazing to see how you get the kids to create such beautiful works of art. I’m inspired! I think my little ones are in for a painting expedition inspired by you!
    Also great to see you have another ‘Zimbo’ friendie out there šŸ™‚
    I feel the same as Caroline, wish I could join in all the fun you get up to!
    Go Jo too!

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