My new painting

Beaux on the go

I know this isn’t quite the beaux design project blog – but I just had to share this with my blog readers.
Very happy to have well over 2000 hits on my blog from all around the world. Whoooooo!!!!
Thanks everyone.
I love sharing creative ideas and inspiration with everyone.
So I wanted to upload my latest painting I just finished tonight.
I am so excited. It’s a dream come true to complete such a huge big painting.
I had to get a truck to deliver the canvas and it’s amost floor to ceiling high. Needed to stand on a chair to paint it.
It’s called ” these are a few of my favourite things! ”
From the old classic movie “sound of music”.
I just love spiral staircases, cabbage roses, trees, vintage houses, chandeliers and rooms with a view. So this is a taste of a few of my fav things all in one painting.
Just look at this chair below. Wow. I would have loved to have painted this too. But alas….

I couldn’t get a chair in perspective to fit.

Tried a new thing called gel medium to transfer photocopies of spiral stair cases into the canvas surface. Amazing stuff. Another blog on this technique to follow.
Used the old butterick clothes pattern as the underlay of my painting ( See previous blog on this in other areas).

Used the technique of transferring letters onto name canvases in previous blog to do the sepia letters ” these are a few of my favourite things”.
The floor of the painting is tiny roses. I stuck rose paper napkins onto the canvas and gloss varnished over them to seal them flat.

Desperately wanted to do a turquoise window sill and paint my beloved vintage chair in there too. ( this is an older photo) but it didn’t work over all.
Finally after many hours, this

baby is done. I’m a happy camper.

The section with the cabbage rose on the bodice of the mannequin is one of my favourite parts. That was done late last night.
I really want to frame this in an old world type Italian frame. Huge one. But I need serious $$$$ to pay for that. So for now, it will stay unframed on my wall.

After doing years and years of painting commissions for other peoples walls, it’s so nice to finally indulge and do something just for me. Xxx



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5 responses to “My new painting

  1. Julianne

    I love it Jo! I want to see it in real life! I like the title “these are a few of my Favorite things” sound of Music is such a lovely movie. very very nice. all the hidden detail is beautiful.

  2. Suzanne

    Your work is gorgeous Jo! You put your whole , beautiful, romantic heart into everything you do . The result is stunning . Xo

  3. Louise Gray

    Absolutely gorgeous Jo! I’m so proud of you. Can’t wait to see the painting myself! Well done!

  4. Ruth Nicholls

    Love it Jo. Go girl!!

  5. kaylene harry


    love Kaylene.

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