Wood, nail and string sculptures

Beaux-quet ( craft project)

If you were born in the 60’s / 70’s ( as most of us mums were) then you probably remember this craft from “yester-year”.
It hasn’t popped up for years in any pre-school or school project I’ve seen. So I decided to revive it.
I bought string and nails for my home schooled art students and a few cans of spray paint. Of course the whole spray paint, hammers and nails thing really appealed to the boys.
Instead of going to buy wood, I went to Beacon Hill council clean up and looked through piles of recycled goods and found 14 pieces of wood all different shapes and sizes for the students.

Some left their wood plain and others spray painted it.

Some ‘eager beavers’ began nailing the nails into the wood while the paint was still wet. Lol (above).
But my funniest moment was 3 yr old little Joshie. Who wanted desperately to be Bob the Builder. He began wacking nails into his little project and then wondered why he couldn’t pick the wood up.
He had nailed the entire thing to the deck!!!!
I cracked up laughing……

Some students did lovely star shapes and even purple curling ribbon diamond shapes.

The kids thoroughly enjoyed this. Right from age 3-14. And my girls can’t wait to give it a go this weekend.

Asher made a lovely elongated rectangle. This, I’m told, is her Fathers Day pressie for her Dad and the knot in the wood where there is a hole, is the part where it’s going to be hung on a hook on the wall.
I love kids creativity.

All the shapes were so unusual. This one of Dan’s reminds me of a rocket ship.

I would love to take this project one step further and get kids to silver-leaf stars onto the back ground and do painted flames coming out of the rocket , all done on a piece of black painted wood (out of space theme).

Remember this project ( above). See previous blog. A combination of string and nails rocket ship and this stars and planet back ground would look fantastic. A great craft for a boys party.
Have fun…. P.S. – DO NOT nail the craft to the deck!! Lol.


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  1. Jo you are so cool – I love this idea and am going to suggest it for kids camp that Im helping on in November. šŸ™‚
    Trace xx

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