Kids Flower Painting

Rain- beaux ( art project)

One of my most favourite things in the whole world is the ” proud as punch” look on little kids faces when they have done a stunning art work. It lights up my world as a kids art teacher.

I’m just in the process of planning our school holiday programe, Art Station for kids. Last year the classes were full and at the end of all the classes we put an art exhibition together of all the kids work through the year

170 people attended the opening.
There were many proud little faces that day.

This was another one of my favourite pieces.
Anyway – back to the flower painting Eden did.

Firstly she painted a canvas lime green acrylic.
Dried it with a hair dryer between each step. Then pasted red circle stickers along the bottom of the canvas and painted the foreground of the painting in teal green, over the stickers.

Next she peeled the stickers off and circle shapes were left in lime green as shown.

Next was the exciting bit – painting tulips over the top.

Eden painted the tulip petals on clear cellophane and then printed them down onto the canvas surface.

Next she printed down an orange daisy shape the same way and then the stems were roughly painted on by hand.
She finished off with a navy blue daisy – all painted on cellophane first and then printed down.

Note: she has painted her name totally backwards and not realised it. That made me laugh.
She finished off with white dots all over.
But she is so proud of her artwork and it hangs proudly by her bed with another two pieces which are all done using this similar technique.

Cellophane creates a lovely printed effect that hand painting doesn’t achieve. It’s very effective and I highly recommend it.

This is  another one of Eden’s I framed. It was done in the same way.

Proud little sisters at the opening of the Kids Art Station exhibition. ( my Eden and my Jessica).

For those who may live in Sydney and want dates for holiday classes
Tues 27 sept. 10am & 12
Wed 28 sept. 10am & 12 o clock

Please email enquiries to

I know I have alot of blog readers all over the world. So for those in uk, nz etc etc. I’ll be sure to post more art ideas from the classes at a later stage.


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