Painting tulips in a vase (kids)

Rain- beaux ( art for kids)

How absolutely gorgeous are my tulips!!!
As the sun shone in my front door I took the above photo of the stunning tulips a friend of mine ( tara) gave me.
They inspired me to do a class on still life and tulip painting.
Although we have explored the whole ” flowers in a vase” in a previous blog or two …. It’s still such a winner as a composition for kids, and I hadn’t actually done it with my home schooled art students class.
I took in the vase of tulips for them to paint.
The results were sensational. Especially given that some of these students are only ages 3-6!!!

Here’s how they did it:
Firstly we worked off a cream/ butter coloured cardboard.

The students printed down a textured wallpaper print onto the cardboard with grey paint.

I’ve got lots of these, they are so great for printing textures down on art works.

My friend tara found 40 books of these wallpapers in a throw out pile from a wallpaper shop. They were all deleted ranges.
Going to a wallpaper and fabric library is a fantastic place to find deleted ranges and bits and pieces for craft for free.

Love this piece of fabric (above).
Next we painted black onto a kitchen sponge and painted half the cardboard. A piece of masking tape or paper is a good way to tape off the table section before sponging on with black.

Next the students cut vase shapes out of bug paper. Any paper or wrapping paper will work for the vase.
Before you glue the vase shape down, sponge grey paint on one side to shade the vase and make it look more 3D.

After the vase is glued onto the surface of the art work, get a ruler and print down green stems with the edge of the ruler or a folded piece of cardboard.

Printing skinny shaped flower stems often looks a lot better than letting the kids paint in flower stems with a brush. They always tend to paint very fat, sausage looking stems on flowers, I’ve found over the years of teaching. And this often ” ruins” the look of the art work.

Next : paint leaves into the stems with a yellow-green.

Lastly: use a spatula or palette knife to dab on orange and red tulips, thickly onto the top of stems.

Big, swirley roses looked good too!

Wonderful art work for a Christmas gift – especially if framed!!
Op shops have great 2nd hand frames. Just pay for matt boards to be cut to fit size of 2nd hand frame, from any local frame shop.

Art and craft is the new black…..
Happy painting everyone. Xx



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3 responses to “Painting tulips in a vase (kids)

  1. caroline

    Amazing Jo. I’m proud you are my daughter. No wonder the parents of your students are over the moon with the result. Love Mom

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  3. So fabulously effective easy to source materials. Well done you talented girl.

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