Rocket ships

Beaux – and – arrow ( fun craft for boys or decorating a boys room)

I taught this class of how to decorate a boys room in a space theme.
The above was the painting the mums class did for their boys room.
Similar to past “out of space” blog.
The white paint flicked off end of old toothbrush worked well to splatter the stars in the back ground or use spray paint.

Working off a navy or black painted canvas or wood is best.

During these past school holidays I continued space theme with my holiday art programme. After 105 kids paintings this month I’m a tad exhausted. Hence- I haven’t done a blog for a while.
It was loads of fun though- and when you say to the boys – ” here is a can of spray paint, wood , hammer and nails….” Their eyes light up!!
Fun fun.

To do the above rocket ship with your kids , you need
– Piece of wood
-nails and hammer
-acrylic paints
– white and black spray paint
– ball of string
– paint brushes

Draw this basic rocket ship onto blank paper. Put a big dot on every main corner of artwork as seen above.
Paint piece of wood navy or black.dry paint.
Place this drawing of rocket ship onto centre of wood.
Get child to hammer a nail through the paper into the wood. Nails go into every dot you have drawn on corners of rocket ship.

Only hammer nails half way in to allow space to wind string around the nails to construct rocket ship

Once nails are all in position, pull paper off. You can rip it off over the nails and throw it away as you don’t need it again.
Wind string around each nail. Keep string taught and knot ends to start and finish.

I’m working on a giant birthday calander painting at the moment. Not complete … It’s very big as you can see , in comparison to my 7 year olds height.
The whole out of space mural idea is great for a boys room wall if you are game enough to go that big! Either onto a navy feature wall or a giant canvas.
On the opposite wall you could hang the rocket ship string craft.
On the ceiling stick glow in the dark stars. I heard of one mum who wrote words in glow in the dark stars like ” mum loves you!”
Kids go to sleep seeing that affirmation glowing in the dark every night. How gorgeous.

Basic rocket shape above.

For planets- trace around a dinner plate or pizza tray to get circle shape. Shade with sponge and a darker tone of each colour as seen above.

Cut newspaper to mask planets. Spray edge with spray paint to shade.

I used white spray paint to shade planet above.
if you hold nozzle of spray paint can only half down ,the paint splatters as seen above.

I shaded the other planet the same way with a newspaper mask around and sprayed black to shade. Kids can do this. My 7 yr old did her moon with black spray paint to shade.( below)

This was one of my art students piece below. Great shading with spray paint. ( well done Yeisha!!)

If you want to personalize the planet scene with childs name or as I did- months of the year,( to make a calender) use white carbon paper to transfer onto dark surface. Print words off computer with font of your choice.

White carbon paper is $1.68 from art shops. Ask for ” white cabin paper”. That’s the brand name.

Above- the word February traced on. Then fill in the letters with a black permanent marker or paint in the letters with black Indian ink or coloured paint.

This one above was a previous blog most of you may remember.

The stars in this Josh one and first rocket picture were simply done using a wooden star dipped in white paint and printed down. Available from spotlight and Bunnings for $1 each.

Mask out star shapes with masking tape and shade.

Use a very wide bristley brush to flick out paint to do rocket flames. Use yellow , orange and reds.

Little stars in back ground can add to a sense of depth of “out of space.”

I did these in gold leaf. Kids love to do this and it’s easy to do free hand.
Hopefully this will give you lots of inspiration for either an “out of space” themed bedroom for kids or a craft for kids ( or both).
Have fun.



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2 responses to “Rocket ships

  1. Louise Gray

    What detailed instructions! Amazing, I love it. I’m inspired for Jamie’s room. Thanks Jo 🙂

  2. caroline

    Jo you are so good. You get 3D shapes very well. Love from Michael!!!!!
    (Nephew aged 8)

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