Driftwood Christmas tree

Beaux -quet. ( craft project)

Only 7 weeks till Christmas. Gulp! Wow , this year has sped by.
I have had requests for Christmas ideas. So here the first one goes…

This is my favourite Christmas tree idea ever. There are alot of alternate ones out there these days, not just your tradition fur tree. But living in a hot southern hemisphere climate near the beach, I like the whole beach style Christmas tree best of all.

Saw this one in a magazine for $300. Another gulp. That is really easy and cheap to bang some wood and nails together and spray red with spray paint. Come on…… $300!!!!? What. ??

The driftwood idea is very cheap and looks so effective. Infact I ve used it for 3 years running now and tweaked the look or Colour scheme each year to give a fresh touch.

This is the same bit of white spray painted drift wood done in gold and white theme with a white basket.
The one at the top was a concrete pot and decorated with red and black.

I had a mums art class when we first did the driftwood trees. We all brought our pieces of wood and spray paint and did the Christmas trees together one night with nibbles and drinks and lots of laughs. I wish I could find some of the photos of the festivities. It was such a fun night.

We also got foam balls and used glue guns to stick tiny white shells onto the balls to make decorations for the tree.
This is a bit time consuming as each shell needs to be glued on one at a time with glue gun.

They look so lovely hanging on the tree once complete and as I said before, if you do it with a bunch of friends it is so much fun.

Bags of white shells can be bought from sevral variety stores. We all got ours from driftwood cafe in narrabeen. ( for those living in Sydney / northern beaches). They sell them in bag fills.

Remember to thread ribbon through the foam ball first before you begin to glue. This will enable you to hang the balls up on any christmas tree. Or if you prefer not to hang them and leave the loop off- they look good in a glass vase or bowl , mixed with silver and gold balls.

Use a very large needle about 10cm long with a big eye. Thread ribbon through the eye of the needle and pierce the foam and pull through.
Leave a loop and knot at the other end.

Then hide the knot by glueing shells over this.
One of the ladies did fake pearls instead of shells and another did assorted buttons. Both looked stunning. Wish I had taken photos.

Here is the undressed tree. And close up ( below)

I twisted Christmas fairy lights around the wood. It looks good without the lights too.
But I love to plug in the tree and switch all other lights off in the house and just have the tree glowing late at night. While enjoying a bowl of ice cream and admiring it. Just a little favourite “Xmas summer treat”.

I collected beach sand to ” plant” the tree in and secure it in the pot so it didn’t fall over.
Normal sand or rocks works fine too. Just cover them up with some fabric and Christmas balls.

I put rocks and sand in this pot above. Then black fabric to cover over them. Then shiny balls over that and tiny fake red apples.

The other thing I collected was sea urchin shells off the beach. I sprayed these white as well and threaded ribbon through them the same way.
White Star fish also adds to the beachy Christmas feel. These were also for sale at driftwood cafe with the ribbon already on them.
I have to still set up this years tree soon in a new Colour scheme. I Will post driftwood tree up on my blog as soon as its up.
But in the mean while- go to the beach if you can and hunt for a great piece of wood and shells.
Enjoy. Xx


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  1. Hehehe I remember helping with the deco’s! Such a cool tree! hahaha xxx

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