Christmas craft with gold leaf

I’m getting into the Christmas spirit. My girls and I made some gold leaf bits and pieces.
Firstly we got some old ceramic vases and used them in display.
I covered the round one ( above on right) with gold leaf.

I bought three polystyrene stars and got some packets of old buttons from an op shop.

We painted the stars with gold leaf size ( the glue). After the size was dry we put gold leaf over them and threaded them onto string with a needle and then threaded buttons on.

Then hung them on the vases.
Next was to print a star on the other square vases

Eden and Jessica, my daughters, really enjoyed doing this part. First to paint the size onto the wooden star.

Then stamp that onto all four sides of the vases. We used a hair dryer to dry the size quickly. Wait until its tacky not completely dry.

This does make a mess but it’s easy to vacuum up after. The girls loved seeing the star come up in gold leaf.

I used the shell balls in this vase. (See previous blog on driftwood tree for shell ball idea. )

I also discovered a new technique by pure accident. I wanted to spray paint the big polystyrene star white. When I did this, the spray paint ate into the surface of the polystyrene, giving a rough texture that makes it look like a star fish on the surface. I love a happy accident.

Here’s another christmas idea as well. Wooden letters painted or even gold leafed or silver leafed.
JOY, PEACE etc are lovely Christmassy words.
Happy crafting…..


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