Circus mural

Beaux and arrow ( boys idea)

Yesterday I finished this birthday calendar / mural.
It is for a local pre-school who have commissioned me to paint 5 big wall murals for each of their age groups in the pre-school.
They will print out all the names of the kids each year and laminate them and use velcro dots to stick the children’s names in the appropriate birthday month.

The jungle one (above), and the under the sea one (below) used the masking fluid technique I blogged about a few months ago (blow sea weed and coral with masking fluid through a straw, then wash through with blue food colouring).

And the out of space one I did a blog on as a boys room idea.

You can see the scale of these canvases next to my 7 yr old. Big ones….. ( had to get a van to deliver them from the art shop).

The last theme is African cubs.

I’m half way through this one. I’ll do a blog on that later.
But back to the circus idea….

I thought this would make a great idea for a boys room.
Google – Circus posters. Fab stuff up there. Good idea to print your child’s favourite ones out and frame them.

When I’d just done the mural this far (above) I thought, “now that would look great on a boys bedroom wall, as is.”
With denim bed covers , red cushions and a star light in the ceiling.

I painted navy blue at the top and red half circle shapes as the circus tent.

I scratched the stars in while the paint was wet , with the back of the paint brush.

The tent stripes were simply painted with wide pieces of masking tape in between.

I used the back of the paint brush dipped in white paint and stamped it down in rows to decorate the red tent ( as seen above).

Next I used white spray paint and splattered tiny stars on the navy and painted a moon shape.

I painted a wooden star white and stuck this with glue at the top of the canvas to be the pinnacle of the tent.

The easiest way to paint the elephants is to trace them onto canvas using an overhead projector.
Photocopy your favourite picture onto an over head transparency.
Office works does this for less than a dollar!! (60c).
I borrowed the over head projector from my daughters preschool.

Here is the cover of a book I found and used this for my inspiration. As a mum – use whatever you can find to do what you need to do quickly – i.e. unless you are a really amazing cartoonist – don’t try and draw from scratch. Why re-invent the wheel. Just trace. It’s quicker and easier.

I flipped the elephant transparency over and mirror imaged the elephant to face each other.

This image was also a print out I did the same technique with.

This clown can be done the same way or used white, or black carbon paper to trace it on with, as I did.

I wish I had a gorgeous photo of a boys room to finish this blog idea off with.
But hopefully this will get your creative juices flowing if you’re thinking of a boys room with a circus theme or even a birthday party as my friend Bec did.
It’s a lovely theme , especially the old fashioned circus flavour.
Look out for fabric with red and white stars as accessories/ make cushions etc etc.


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