Decorating boys rooms

Beaux and arrow ( boys ideas)

Boys rooms are always alot harder to decorate than girls rooms.
I saw this picture recently in a magazine. I thought it warranted a blog.
Unfortunately I dont have any other photos of the room or ” how to”. But I just love the nautical theme captured for a boys room.

Another great boys room idea is to take vintage books from an opp shop and find the best pictures in them that go with your Colour scheme and frame these in wooden box frames on the walls in the boys room.

I recently got a simple black and white bed cover. Then bought a strip of pirate skulls fabric and put it along the bottom of the cover to make a theme in the boys room.

Red and black was another Colour option.
Some times just a plain bed cover works well. Then go to your local fabric shop and buy a strip of boys fabric to stitch along the bottom of the bed or make scatter cushions.

The combination of different width stripes in a Colour theme can be effective.

I designed this fabric for an idea for boys rooms.
Often boys love spiders and bugs. Recently my girls went on a bush walk with a ranger and did a bush craft after the walk.

For those living in Sydney – st Ives wild flower garden , does amazing programes for kids. Bush walks , crafts ,reptile shows etc etc. $12.50 per child.

My girls made these simple spider webs with wool , sticky tape and sticks they collected in the bush.
I thought this would be a great idea to do with boys.
Then place the craft web over the top of a bed side lamp and the web shadow will reflect up onto the boys roof at night when it’s dark and lamp is put on.
Boys rooms can be so fun to decorate when you have a theme , Colour scheme and a starting point.



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  1. caroline

    These are really cool ideas. My 8 year old would love this. Worth doing.

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