Gel medium

Rain- beaux ( art idea)

I have not dropped off the face of the earth…..
Been ages since I last did a blog. I have been focusing on my fine-arts and painting and teaching.

My website is live , see

That’s at least 40 paintings. ( some very large as seen below)

And loads more that haven’t been uploaded to my website yet.

I’m very excited that my Sydney gallery Exhibition is opening later this year in a gallery on the northern beachs near manly beach on 15 aug.

This will feature my latest tree scapes exhibition.

Gel medium is a great new medium similar to modge podge.
I’ve never used modge podge but I’m experimenting with gel medium lately

Basically – you take any lazer printed / photocopy piece , either Colour or black and white. Paint a layer of gel medium onto surface .Then you lay photocopy face down onto gelmedium on the canvas, paper , wood or metal.

Get a hairdryer and dry it for about 5-10 mins. Then get a damp sponge and rub paper off and print is left embossed onto your surface. !!!! Amazing.

I then washed ink thru the print

And later painted a flower on the top

The gel medium also acts as a sealer and type of varnish.

Today I painted gel medium onto a chunk of wood from an
Oak tree chopped down yesterday. I asked the guys who were chain sawing the tree down for a piece of their wood. They laughed and gave me three bits.

They asked what it was for and I explained I am an artist and it’s for my exhibition on trees. They then offered to sign the piece of wood as a joke.

Just then the last slice ( or chunk of wood ) rolled down the
So there I was -chasing it down the busy street outside school ( and I was bare feet ) as I had raced out the door earlier to
get my kids to school by 9am.

Of course I didnt get out the car at school bare foot and did “kiss and drop” at the gate from the car…… , so I wasn’t ready for hopping out the car and “chatting up ” big Aussie blokes with chain saws.

I got the wood home and today used gel medium on it to stick 1950s “women’s-day” pics on it and clothes patterns. Then sealed it with another layer of gel medium.

Then hand painted birds over the top with acrylic paint. Lots of fun, while drinking cuppacinos and listening to my favourite music. Best way to spend a saturday morning …. I’d say! !!!

Go the gel medium. It’s amazing stuff. Available from most art shops. Made by Matisse.


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