Chalk boards.

Beaux- quet. ( craft idea)

It’s so satisfying doing a little ” trash- to- treasure” craft. I love it. And as most of my readers are aware- I am a real council clean up fan. Scrounging around piles of throw outs on the road side and finding lovely hidden treasures.

I’ve been meaning to get a chalk board for ages. So I can write shopping lists , notes etc on it. Finally I decided to make one.
I’ve had this round , silver frame for ages that a friend found on the road side for me.

I painted it turquoise blue with aqua Matisse structure acrylic.
Did two coats and let it dry over night.
The plan was to get a jig saw and cut a perfectly round piece of wood to fit in the back. Infact , that is still the long term plan.
But I was so Impatient to see the finished product , I cut a piece of stiff,foam board instead.
Painted the foam Board with two coats of black chalk board paint.

I bought a delightful little rubber stamp with a bunny on it.

Stamped the same turquoise paint onto it and decorated the top of the chalk board.
I’ve hung it up and it looks so cute.

That got me thinking about another old op shop frame l had been given.
Time for another chalk board…..

Grabbed the tool box and unscrewed the painting. Then mixed a duck-egg blue acrylic this time.

This is a really old wooden frame. I took a pic of all the spider webs on it. Yukkkk. I’m thinking it must be from some deceased estate.

Began to paint the frame with the duck egg blue. Just such a beautiful Colour.
Local hardware shop can mix you a test pot on request. Not expensive.

The detail in this frame is amazing. Was tempted to
Leave it like this.

But persevered all the way around…..

Then I found a piece of wood to fit and painted this with two coats of chalk board paint. Dulux brand is great and goes a very long way.

Next I lay it to dry over the bath tub with the frame.

Would have liked to have left it out in the sun to dry but it’s been raining for ages.

Once dry , I got some black and white sticky tape and made an inner border. This tape is available from shop called Typo.

Next step – nail in the board to the frame and hang. I do just love this one, even more than the round on.

Another option is to use mini pegs and peg photos through the frame. Yah!!!!! Trash to treasure project/s complete. Great project for a rainy day like today.



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3 responses to “Chalk boards.

  1. Louise Gray

    Love it JO!! Well done, I’m sooooo going to make one of these 🙂

  2. Caroline de Wet

    I have a few old frames, this is really inspiring. How did you attach the pegs?

  3. Ruth Nicholls

    Please change my EMail address to

    Sent from my iPhone Ruth Nicholls

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