Using great granny’s sewing machine.

Beaux- quet ( craft idea)

Recently my girls and I have been enjoying sewing on a very old bernina sewing machine that was my grandmothers, so Eden and Jessica’s great grandmothers.

It would have been my grandmothers 102 birthday last week. She was an amazingly creative woman. She sewed, painted , did wood work, metal work, jewelry and so much more. Her house was full of creativity and as a child I loved going there.

I bought a big pile of coloured paper for the girls to do craft with. The shop Office works has a pack of all those colours and about 500 sheets for $3.

We decided to cut out paper birds and sew them on the sewing machine.

First the girls drew a templet of a bird and then retraced that over and over.

Then it was like feeding the paper birds through like a sausage machine.

With great delight we hung them up to flit around in the wind.
Such a simple idea and do effective.

We also cut alot of stencils out of the same paper and today I got the machine out again with my two art students and we began stitching paper stencils to painted water Colour paper.

The combination of fabric and paper stitched on with the sewing machine can look really effective, especially framed in a box frame under glass.

This one my little art student stitched on granny’s sewing machine and took great delight zooming her foot on the old pedal. So cute. She did pipe up and say she thinks I need a new sewing machine.

But that’s what I love about it. It’s so old and vintage and has sentimental value. The new plastic white ones are not the same!!!!!

So many more projects to attempt on great granny’s bernina. We’ve only just begun…..


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  1. David & Caroline de Wet

    I Love this post. Perhaps cause its sewing and granny’s machine. You are so inventive and I admire you. Wish I was motivated to do things like this. We all have the same amount of time, I just use my time in other areas. You are so lovely. …xxxxxx me PS. I have tried to like the post but not sure if it is registering my LIKE. Im not too clued up

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