Wooden canvas prints

Recently I discovered you can buy wooden canvases. They look like a normal stretched canvas at the back but have wood on the face. They stand up beautifully on their own and are very sturdy.

The ones above , I used were $8.50 each from the art shop.
I found old black and white photocopies of prints I liked that I’d put away in a file years ago. I had photocopied bits of fabric and vintage lettering etc.

This is another blog on the amazing techniques of gel medium!!
I cut the photocopies to size and pasted a layer of gel medium over the face of the canvases with a large paint brush.
Next I placed the photocopies face down on the gel medium.

Leave over night to dry and bond well.

Next day – get a damp sponge and bowl of water. Begin to gently rub the paper off.
The paper comes off in little bits- is a messy project. I did mine outside under the umbrella in the garden while kids swam in the pool. Nice ” mindless” project. Rubbing away the paper off 8 little canvases.

Eventually all the paper comes away leaving the print. Dust off any excess bits and leave in the sun to dry.

Next step is to seal them with varnish. This takes away any chalky look left on the surface and protects them. As well as seals them so you can then paint over them with a glaze of Colour.
I used gloss varnish from the art shop. But any wood varnish you have in the shed etc is fine.

I have a metal beam in the house. I popped them on there and got some silver lettering with the letters for ” PEACE”.

But once the varnish is dry you can place any thing ontop like vintage buttons glued on, wooden letters , painted stripes…..
Options are endless.
This is also a great way to transfer family photos onto a wooden canvas and stand them up on a book shelf , coffee table etc.
Or do pictures for your kids room
To match the fabric on their bed cover. Enlarge the image from the pillow case on a photo copier in Colour. Transfer onto wooden canvases with gel medium.
Loads of fun….. Options are endless.


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