Beaux Blog Categories

The logos for the titles of the categories are yet to follow.
My gorgeous niece in new Zealand is a photoshop guru
and is helping me put them together.
But at this stage this is how the Beaux blog works:

Each project will be a COST -EFFECTIVE way of either
decorating a room, doing a craft or art project for both
kids and adults , coming up with a themed party or a
fool proof/ tried and tested recipe. 

Category names are as follows:

Rain-beaux (rainbow): arty projects to paint, draw etc. 

Beaux tie (bow tie) : entertaining and cooking/ recipes etc. 

Beaux-quet ( beauquet of flowers) : craft ideas for around
the home and gifts to make etc. 

Beaux-peep (bo peep. Peeping thru a door looking into a room),
Decorating ideas, interior design ,etc

Beaux & arrow ( boys bow and arrow ) : ideas for boys
themed parties and decorating boys rooms etc. 

Beaux princess (beautiful princess): ideas for girls themed
parties and decorating little girls rooms etc. 

Beaux-on-the-go (Bo on the go): is suggestions on where
to go to look for what you want and need for the project.
Op shops, markets etc etc. 

Beaux-mont (Bo mont / meaning beautiful mountain ):
This is a grade scale of how easy to hard the project is to
replicate , cook , paint etc.
This will be illustrated by a little quirky goat going
up a mountain.

Easy - goat is at the bottom of the slope.
Medium - project is slightly harder and goat is half way
up the slope
Hard - the project is harder and goat is on the top of
the snow capped mnt.

Beaux-constrictor - ( as in the snake) the goat is on the top
of mountain with snake around it's neck. Lol.
This is a very tricky project and you may find it harder to do.
There will only be a few of these and they will not be recipes!!
They will be art projects for those who have a little more
experience and have painted before. 

Beaux bargain: how much things cost. $$$. 

I have 124 projects waiting to be uploaded on my blog.
So as I slowly get them uploaded- things will be under
categories and in time a little symbol will appear next to
each blog title. This logo will indicate which beaux section
the project falls under.

And the Beaux-mont Scale
(letting you know how hard / easy a project is).

Wish I had photos of the logos to upload now,
but it's a work in progress.

So watch this space.

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